Ecommerce UPF 50+ Environment Friendly Products

2 months ago

Ecommerce UPF 50+ Environment Friendly Products

A Long Established Online Business with three sales channels, wholesale, corporate and retail (e-commerce only). They offer a specially designed range of clothing and headwear, all with built-in cooling features. The product range includes both Australian-manufactured and imported clothing. Whatever your business objectives, this will certainly be a cool acquisition!  

Features of this business include: 

  • Quality and reliability of supply nurtured over many years.
  • The business can be run from practically anywhere in Australia.
  • No long term commitment to a lease means that it can be easily relocated.
  • The environmental benefits of the products are high on the agenda of government and business.
  • Simple to merchandise products. Each product takes up little space when displayed.
  • Very high markups and margins.
  • Lifestyle business with a steady income.
  • Trusted and popular brand.
  • Scope for further development.
  • Detailed financials are available for the last 3 years.


  • Asking Price $120,000 
  • Revenue $224,000 (FY2019)
  • PBITDA (profit) $72,700 
  • Strong Supply Chain 
  • Established Client Base  
  • Updated Ecommerce/Online Website 
  • Comes with plenty of equipment for ongoing operations 
  • GS1 Barcoding subscription 

The products appeal to anybody who spends an extended time in a warm or sunny environment including workmen, sportspeople and holidaymakers. By offering quality, flexibility and customisation, the business also attracts regular orders from several leading Australian organisations. 

This opportunity will suit the following scenarios: 

  • An individual looking to operate their own business from home with a minimum of working hours and infrastructure.
  • An entrepreneur wishing to acquire a business with significant expansion potential.
  • An existing business seeking revenue expansion through a low-risk acquisition. 
  • This is a perfect opportunity for first-time buyers or those looking for an affordable but well-established business. 

PBITDA is net income before deducting owners remuneration, discretionary expenses, depreciation, interest and taxes.

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Business Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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