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  •  Low entry start up
  •  Passive Income
  •  Massive profits
  •  Recession proof


AAS is on it’s way to becoming the number one motor industry dealer solutions system across Australia, New Zealand and beyond with the highest of professional industry standards giving recession proof returns.

With innovative and proven systems that provide a solution to all customer motoring sectors making for a ‘recession proof’ business to ensure your ongoing success and lifestyle.

Company History

R2O Cars originated from an idea that there was a niche market to provide cars to people who did not qualify for mainstream finance for whatever reason.

In light of this in 2007 founder and CEO Paul Green started the first model of R2O Cars in Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia. After many setbacks, adjustments and changes to the system R2O Cars snowballed into a highly successful business model.

Being in the motor trade for many years and watching the changes and in a lot of areas the decline of the industry Paul knew this system would create a weekly passive cash flow. The R2O Cars system gives Licensees a new standalone recognizable business and provide a unique high profit residual income.


We require quality people who desire ...

• To own and operate a professional business.

• That can see the benefit of joining a professional team

• To create a valuable asset to on-sell

• To work on the business not necessarily in the business.

Only people with drive, ambition and passion for success should invest in a R2O Cars License, as the company enables Licensees every chance of success in the initial years of operation with unlimited resources helping them every step of the way.

Smart Passive Income

We are constantly monitoring and implementing current industry trends that we foresee will change how dealers do business, utilising the internet and leading digital marketing strategies, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, R2O has done the work and produced the business model and software to keep proactive dealers at the forefront of their business. 

Training Systems and Manuals

R2O Cars provides full comprehensive training for all staff upon commencement with the company. Any ongoing training is catered for by R2O Cars with NO training fees.

By investing in a R2O Cars License you are investing in your future and because our systems are building a business that can later be sold with or without future book profits.

R2O Cars’ goal for Licensees is to allow Licensees to build a valuable and saleable asset that will continue to provide residual income in any economy climate.

We need you

We have more leads and applications than we can currently handle we desperately need offices to service this amount of business.

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