GP bus + bldg. QLD. DPA + MMM4. May suit 491 visa.


Toowoomba 4350 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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2 months ago

GP bus + bldg. QLD. DPA + MMM4. May suit 491 visa.

  • DPA = an option for all GPs
  • Accredited training clinic w/ a lot of nurse support
  • MMM4 = you are eligible to get a 50% reduction on your HELP Debt (Higher Ed Loan Program)
  • May be suitable for a 491 visa applicant
  • BB now which may be changed to mixed billing 

Located in the centre of a rich pastoral & wheat-growing district, OTD's are eligible to work in this location & get into a 3GA training role here whilst they work towards fellowship using the PEP in this long-established practice w/ sticky pts! 

House & car avail to the new GP + family whilst you settle in & find your own digs! In the region there are truly spectacular ancient landscapes & unique flora & fauna. There are 8 tourist drives, perfect for the 4WD enthusiast looking to get off the beaten track + fully guided eco tours. 

The principal GP will leave after a negotiable transition period. He has been at the clinic for 45 yrs & treated 3x generations of pts. W/ billings at about $1.8M pa, there are still growth opportunities for a VR GP to bring to this practice. This traditional country practice has path onsite paying rent of $38,400 pa + a PN & mental health nurse to provide extended pt services incl care plans.

The clinic is accredited 'til Aug '22, uses MD & Prac Soft & would be ideal for a VR GP to buy whose intention it was to work in the practice as that person could then assist with the mentoring & supervision requirements of future GPs. Ideally that person would be accredited as a college trainer. There is a recruiter currently looking for extra GPs to work in this practice. 

Opening Hrs

  1. Mon to Fri: 5am - 6pm
  2. Sat: 6:30am - 10:30pm
  3. Sun: Closed

The bldg is for sale at valuation being $740K. Should the business purchaser not wish to buy the freehold, the rent would be $75K pa + GST + on-costs. A long-term lease would be offered.

Rural Incentive

For those working in rural areas (MM3-5), the specified period of time is the full length of the degree. If an individual has worked in these locations for 1/2 of the specified periods, they can receive a 50% elimination of their HELP debt.

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