Highly Profitable Online Ecommerce Distribution & Retail Business

$970,000 Sold
2 months ago


  •  Over 300 Stockists around Australia primarily in high end gift stores
  •  Using largest Australian distributor for day spas, health stores.
  •  53% year on year revenue growth and 66% year on year net profit growth
  •  Enviromentally friendly and ethically made products in Australia



In operation since 2014, the business is set up for minimal owner involvement. Enjoy the flexibility of a 100% online business. Wholesale/distribution & retail of products in a steady growing market. 

Location Details

All products are made and shipped from manufacturers in Melbourne. Hence can be operated from any location. Day to day operation is managed by an operation manager who works on a part-time basis. 

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About the Business 

This business works with the largest Australian distributor of health products who distribute the products to health stores, clinics, day spas. 

On top of that, it has well over 300 stockists around Australia in particular gift stores. 

Customers love the beautiful, modern prints and colours. The stockists love that the products come with their own gift boxes. 

The beautiful website sells straight to consumers.  This hasn't been a focus till covid times, which means is an area of growth for it's an untapped part of the business with high potential returns. 

The current owner works approx 4 hours per week as all products are made and shipped from manufacturers who are based in Melbourne. 

An operations manager works part-time and manages the day to day, liaising with customers, the manufacturer, suppliers and couriers. A casual social media manager manages social media and customer newsletters. 

The business is in an expanding market driven perfectly placed to take advantage of mega trends in e-commerce, socially conscious ethical buyers, and the expanding health market. 

Earning Before Tax: $237,662 (2021 figures) 

Trading Income: $686,195 (2021 figures) 

For an acquirer, this business offers an excellent return above 25% considering it has nearly a quarter of a million of net income fully under management, and the ability to scale further with digital marketing. 

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