Pony Express O Coffee Shop


21 Mayfair St 6005 West Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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2 months ago


  •  Unique coffee business located in ex stables
  •  Five Star customer service rating
  •  Growth opportunity following COVID
  •  Minimal staffing and overheads are low, suit owner operator


The Pony Express O is a hidden gem of a business in West Perth, Western Australia.

The coffee and other beverages are delicious and well known in the area.

Located in ex stables it offers a unique, homelike atmosphere.

The business can be run on minimal staffing and overheads are low.

Great opportunity to take the business to the next stage following the COVID situation.

Deal details

The Business has an income base which includes the following:-

  • Sales of coffees and other assorted beverages
  • Sale of Pony Blend beans
  • Hiring of the venue
  • Other income opportunities identified by new entrepreneurs.

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Pony Express O Coffee shop is located at West Perth in a predominantly business and commercial district.

The business has been operating since 2009.

Income is mainly generated from sale of beverages including coffee, iced coffee, tea, hot chocolates etc.

The business is well known for its high quality coffee’s and customers will travel to obtain a Pony Express O coffee.

There is no food provided, customers are encouraged to bring their own.

From 64 reviews on Facebook, the business has a five star rating.

The capacity of the premises is 50 people and operating hours are Monday to Friday, 6.30 am to 2.00 pm.

A fantastic opening for new owners to stamp their own authority on this business.

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Business Location Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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