Create a $20,000+ per month and a $500,000 asset with leads provided.


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Create a monthly income of $20,000+ and a serious asset value, add to your existing consulting business, create a side hustle or full-time business.

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Australia and International
No fixed location, we are Australian based however currently provide services to over 11 countries.


Our resellers and advisor models requires the operator to work with business owners and assist in reducing software costs, and we handle all onboarding and technical support. Complete training and support are available. Only basic technical skills are required as we provide the support.

About the Opportunity

Create an untapped recurring income, with full support and training, to supplement your existing consulting business, as a side hustle or full-time venture. Aside from creating a substantial recurring income, you're also creating a significant asset. A $20k monthly recurring income, for example, could sell for between $450,000 and $600,000.

There are two distinct opportunities: one as a reseller using our pricing plans, and the other as an advisor designing your own plans.

1. Distributor or Reseller -
With the Reseller product and our unique roadmap, you can earn up to $20,000 on our base product and an unlimited amount after that, depending on your efforts. We provide assistance and training to get you started, as well as leads if necessary.

2. Advisors and Consultants -
You set the price, offer the product as part of your existing business advisory service, and charge a fee based on your value-added services to assist the customer with the advisor option. We recommend incorporating the subscription service wherever possible to add value to your business, but the decision is entirely yours!

More broadly, your role is to encourage businesses to trial our software and build relationships where appropriate, with the goal of upgrading to a paid plan. Given the rising costs and the importance that businesses place on cost savings, this software solution provides a significant cost savings for any size business. Also appropriate for consultants as an add-on solution to generate recurring income in addition to their personal services income.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to develop a second income or even make this their primary income if they commit some time to business development. If you are working in a full-time role, we recommend negotiating some flexibility in your hours to take this opportunity unless you intend to work in other timezones. There is no income guarantee, therefore subscribers/resellers looking to join should seek independent advice if they are unsure. However, we provide an option to cancel with 90 days' notice. This is a beta rollout and reflects a substantial price discount, so you will be required to provide 1-2 hours of ongoing feedback each month on the software platforms to help with its final commercial release. In exchange, you receive this ongoing discount. Nothing in this ad should be taken as a promise of income. Those who are interested should do research to see if this opportunity is right for them.


We launched our first platform in 2018 and now operate 11 platforms, with this serving as our pinnacle business hub, which is now available for resellers and advisors to offer to their clients.

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