Great Opportunity to Become the Owner of Two 20-Year Old Famous Pizza Stores


111 Sydney Street 2000 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

25 500
2 months ago


  • Mobile pizza truck accommodates parties and functions easily and therefore wider market reach than its competition
  • 2 stores located in the Nepean area
  • Large menu including over 30 pizza, pastas, chicken wings, salads, and ribs. Such range caters for types of dietary requirements
  • Well-known local brand that’s been operating for 20 years and still going


Asking Price: $4,170,000
Profit: $1,390,000

A great opportunity to own 2 pizza stores and 1 pizza truck of a locally well-known brand in the Nepean area. 

Full coverage of all customers’ demands. The stores offer a large menu of over 30 pizza, pastas, chicken wings, salads, and ribs, catering a wide variety of dietary needs: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and so on. All customers’ appetites are easily satisfied. 

Mobile pizza truck, dessert and grazing catering services, a unique innovative idea that enhances any special event or party. This aspect of the business is a rare find in the market which creative entrepreneurs can utilise to set this business apart from other competitors. 

Stable income. Not susceptible to the adverse impacts of COVID-19. The stores maintained a strong financial position even during the pandemic, due to its mature and positive image in the local market.

Large, stable and familiar client database. The stores have been operating for 20 years in the Nepean area, maintaining a famous, reliable and trustworthy brand image. Many loyal customers regularly visit the stores and consistently refer new customers.

Extra source of generating income and growth domain. The stores have a developed delivery system, providing the opportunity for the owner to harvest the fast-growing food delivery market as a means of expansion.

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