Growth Potential Investment - Innovative Manufacturing Company with Revolutionary Tech in Mining

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Australia 4000 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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1 year ago


  • A cutting-edge technological solution to surpass competition in the field.
  • Vast future growth opportunities to capture the Australian market share.
  • A thrilling opportunity to enter the mining industry with reduced entry barriers. 
  • Advanced technology to greatly improve efficiency of operations.


An exciting chance to invest in a trailblazing Australian manufacturing firm utilizing advanced automation technology to reduce labour costs and increase productivity. 


Funding Round: $20,000,000 

In order to meet the growing demand for refurbishment services, investment funds will be used for the construction of an automated manufacturing facility for conveyor pulleys – a modern manufacturing technology using off-the-shelf robotics for welding, painting, sandblasting and assembly.

Revenue, profit, and financials to be provided upon qualified enquiries.


  • Pioneer of the traditional market. Innovative step to invest in an automated modern manufacturing facility whilst competition in the Australia market is still behind with outdated technology. Such advancement led to significant reduction on labour costs by over 33% for the aspiring acquirer of this opportunity.
  • Strong local market demand. Substantial demand for refurbishment services exists among over 350 operational mining companies in Australia.
  • High entry barriers for competition. Investors can leverage the established position of this company and capitalise on growth opportunities in the market while sidestepping the industry’s high entry barriers for new entrants. 
  • Competitive advantage. Revolutionary and advanced automation technology streamlines proprietary manufacturing processes, yielding substantial cost savings and increased profits with potential for market leadership in Australia.

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