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  •  Joint Venture with Colliers International Secured
  •  Multiple revenue streams
  •  International expansion
  •  Experienced and highly connected management team


Problem: The current real estate transaction process is highly inefficient.

-  Fragmented Silos

-  Supply chain doesn’t communicate

-  Limited real-time data

-  Roadblocks in the sales process


Project Proprietas is a proptech that aims to be ‘the Amazon for Real Estate’ – They’ve built a world-first platform that brings together Consumers, Builders, Developers and Real Estate Agents, in real-time, to transact real estate at the click of a button.

Key Features

-  Real-time live data (including live bidding system)

-  Make an offer

-  Place holding deposit in trust

-  White Label

-  Cross Promoting multiple channels

-  Agents can sell any properties

-  Future Ready - Multilingual, Crypto, Block Chain, AI

Funding Proposal:

Project Proprietas is seeking $2,000,000 for 20% equity ownership of their business.

The funds will go towards finalising the platform, hiring additional staff, system training and onboarding of all clients, marketing activities and business development.


Contracts secured. Letters Of Intent for Property listings equating to over $5.5M revenue. Joint Venture with Colliers International finalised - ready to onboard.

Scalable. Ready for international markets including USA, Asia and Europe.

Multiple revenue streams. Payment from builders, developers and real Estate Agents wanting to list their properties on the platform, whitelabel opportunities, recurring revenue –advertising and complementary services.

Stellar Management Team. Project Proprietas is helmed by seasoned veterans with  vast experience in Real estate, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Lead Generation, Online Marketing, SEO, Website Development, App Development, Email Marketing and Social Media, Banking, Finance and Accounting.

Massive market. Residential real estate advertising inAustralia in 2022 is expected to be $1.0 bn. revenue in 2021 = $928 million, revenue in 2021 = $289.6 million.

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