ESG Growth Investment Opportunity - Leveraging Demands of a Nation's Salt Industry.


Ghana 00000 Southern Ghana, Ashanti, Ghana

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  • An investment opportunity in a profitable salt industry with established expertise and necessary regulatory licensing.

  • Cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing to differentiate from the competitors. 

  • Immense local and international market demand for industry salt. 

  • Huge potential growth for both financial performance and ESG standards.


Project is seeking to raise $67.1 million in exchange for 30% equity, with the possibility of an additional 20% for debt suppliers, making it a strategic investment opportunity from many angles.

The company aims to establish West Africa's largest all-year-round salt mine, utilizing the advanced multiple-effect crystallisation technology to develop a 324,000 MT/annum salt refinery that yields 11.39 billion litres of fresh drinking water annually.


  • Well-structured. With all the necessary regulatory approvals in place and partnerships established with reputable and experienced international partners, the company is fully prepared to launch.

  • Reliable partnerships. The company has teamed up with seasoned international partners who possess expertise in every aspect of the supply chain, including the manufacturing, and construction of salt plants and machinery. This collaboration ensures that business operations will run smoothly and meet all expectations of efficiency.

  • Competitive pricing and technology. Boasting cutting-edge automation technology, the company distinguishes itself as the only one in Africa capable of producing salt at a large scale while adhering to international salt standards such as ISO 9001:2000. Compared to the traditional manual salt harvesting methods, the operational efficiency and cost control driven by economies of scale allows for potential profit optimization and creates competitive advantages with reduced costs and prices.

  • Demand from local and international markets. The sub-regional West African market for salt is facing a deficit with an estimated demand of 1.5 million metric tons, presenting a significant opportunity for the company to meet the large unrealized demand and drive strong revenue. The company's production of high-quality, low-priced salt also offers opportunities for international supply to the pharmaceutical industry.

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