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Phnom Penh 12101 Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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  •  Strong support from Cambodian government
  •  MoU signed with Cambodian Government
  •  Supply contracts secured with Cambodian supply chain companies
  •  International expansion imminent


Your chance to be an impact investor by providing funding to construct a network of 100 greenhouses in Cambodia

These 100 greenhouses will kickstart of the company's master plan to develop 10,000 greenhouses by 2030 which will be conducted in multiple phases.

-  Phase1: Comprises of 100 greenhouse farms that will be used to grow tomatoes, musk melons, cucumber and capsicums.

The company is seeking USD $10 million via debt funding.

-  7-year loan with 10% annual coupon

-  Plus 30% Net Profit Sharing

Use of funds: Construction, set up and operating costs of the Greenhouses


Tried and tested. Pilot project consisting of 3 greenhouses was successfully completed in 2020 and funded by a partner. Challenges have been faced and dealt with systematically. The Company are now in the scaling phase with a de-risked profile.

Government support. Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture has signed a MoU to provide tax rebates and grants to bring new farmers to support the project.

Owns assets. The Company owns a land plot that can house 150 greenhouses.

Secured supply contracts. Currently, the company has secured supply contracts for their produce with supply chain companies in Cambodia. They are in talks with Singaporean supermarkets such as NUTC and Sheng Siong.

Local market shortage. Cambodia is still facing shortages of safe vegetable supplies. The government have expressed that they will continue to support, encourage and cooperate with all private companies wishing to invest in horticulture and strengthen the value chain of safe vegetable crops to promote production. 

Demand from China. In November 2021, China announced a $150 billion initiative to buy farmed goods from ASEAN over the next 5 years (which is almost double prior levels).

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