Pioneering US Medical Company Developing Life-Saving Medical Products


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  •  US medical company developing world-first treatments. No competitors
  •  Treatments to service unmet global medical needs worth billions
  •  Potential fast-tracked FDA approval and 7-year market exclusivity
  •  Advised by a plethora of famous scientists & American sporting stars


·  Your chance to invest in a ground-breaking US medical company that develops and acquires life-saving treatments and medical products.

·  The company is developing two pharmaceuticals and two medical devices.

·  The company is seeking a total of USD $20 million to fund their clinal trials and regulatory approvals. The funding round is closing soon.

About the Business

  • Revolutionary product suite. The company is currently developing two pharmaceuticals and two medical devices.


        World first treatment for concussions – a common condition that currently has no FDA approved drug. The current standard of the case is rest, analgesics for headaches, anti-depressants, and ADHD medications. Repeat concussions lead to early dementia and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Medical costs in the US are $10-15 billion per year and $400 billion worldwide.
      2.  Novel treatment for Niemann-Pick disease – a rare disease that has been designated an ‘orphan disease’ by the FDA. Orphan drug status accelerates the pathway to FDA approval and results in market exclusivity for 7 years

Medical Devices

        Heart Monitoring and Screening Device. A small, portable device for early detection of heart disease that is more effective than traditional imaging services.
      2.   Choking Rescue Device. Patented, single action, instantaneous, handheld, mechanical, anti-choking device that creates a vacuum chamber in the mouth to dislodge throat obstructions in a matter of seconds without harm to the victim
  • Stellar Management and advisory boards
Management board
      • Each have decades of experience leading medical device companies (public and private)
      •   Have commercialized several class II and Class III devices
      • Ph.D. in Neuroscience
      • Have raised over $300M in IPOs and secondary offering in previous roles
 Scientific advisors
      •  University Deans and Professors at top US universities
      • Directors of renowned Institutes for brain health
      • Ex-Command Surgeon for the US Army
      • Ex-National Medical Director of National Emergency Services
      • Ex-Chief Medical Correspondent at Dateline NBC, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CBS News, CBS Evening News, 48 Hours, and CBS This Morning
      • New York Times bestselling author
 Sports advisors
      • NFL legends (Coaches, NFL hall of fame, MVPs, consecutive Superbowl championships)
      • 2x Olympic gold-medallist
      • FIFA World Player of the Year
      • Chicago Cubs (baseball) manager

·  Issued patents on multiple technologies.

·  Grants and funding. Backed by New York-based funds, have secured sizable philanthropy grants, and are seeking Defence grants.

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