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DoctorCAM is an online platform providing telehealth GP services remotely. 

The adoption of tech is now commonplace, w/ COVID driving WFH & comms via video streaming or phone. Telehealth was a component of this change. Lock downs & social distancing measures have discouraged people from leaving their homes, while community transmission fears discouraged others from visiting health facilities. These factors have influenced demand patterns for GP medical services. Pts, now used to having the convenience of accessing services remotely, are more comfortable w/ accessing medical services in this way, particularly w/ family & work pressures. This is also appealing to GP’s.

GP as an industry is undergoing significant change, w/ a confluence of market factors that are driving behavioural change & creating new opportunities. Concurrently, the GP workforce is forecast to outpace supply; resulting in a widening shortfall of GPs from 2022. The shortage of GP’s in regional & remote areas is well publicized.

Residential aged care is also facing difficulties accessing medical services, w/ restrictions on residents leaving, so GP’s must attend in person. This is not always possible or expedient. According to the RACGP, aged care services are the 4th highest priority health policy area among GPs. Fewer than 1x in 5x reported they were somewhat or very likely to work in aged care in the future, & 1x in 4x were unsure.

DoctorCAM intends to leverage these movements in the market:

  1. to create an online-only GP that allows pts to access services from any location online
  2. that is convenient for pts & GP’s, &
  3. that aged care residents can access

The vendor has ownership of the following 4x 'clinics' w/ HealthEngine :

  • DoctorCAM ACT Business Hrs 
  • DoctorCAM ACT A/Hrs 
  • DoctorCAM NSW Business Hrs 
  • DoctorCAM NSW A/Hrs   

Medical cannabis is being introduced currently. 

Ownership of these clinics can be transferred to buyer via application to HealthEngine. HealthEngine are happy to provide a demo of their Booking Platform & Linked Video TeleHealth Platform upon request. Equity options considered. 

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