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Melbourne 3000 melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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One of Melbourne’s leading wholesale liquor distributors with a 10+ year history of profitability is now looking for funds to grow its supply chain, both upstream and downstream through improved buying, storage, logistics and wider distribution.

Now positioned for regrowth after a period of COVID disruption as demand for socialising and dining out increases. 

This profitable B2B business has established a customer base of 1,500+ bottle shops and supermarkets as well as a 15,000+ customer base of bars, restaurants and other venues.

It sits in an industry that has a high barrier to entry.

Revenue was over $10M last FY.

Seeking $250,000 to $1,000,000 with an IR north of 12% with all terms negotiable

We are seeking astute investors who understand the sector and the lucrative opportunity who is willing to participate in a debt facility in the first instance and take advantage of the favourable current market conditions that have been presented.  The rate of return will be extremely favourable and will be negotiated in good faith with the selected investors.

The total liquor market in Australia is worth $37billion, the wholesale market is $15billion.  According to IBIS it is growing at 3.8% annually.

Although micro trends have shifted pre Covid, during Covid and post Covid, the macro trend of people embracing alcohol for celebrations, reward or general socialisation remains strong and will continue to grow.

There are opportunities to grow vertically as as horizontally as well as geographically with sufficient funding and support.

This investment would be to support an established, revenue generating and profitable small enterprise.  Revenue topped $10M last financial year.

Although the customer base and clients is large, the opportunity to grow just in the Melbourne/Victoria region is still substantial.  Currently there are only 4 staff, so the objective would be to streamline the entire business both upstream and downstream, employ more staff on the ground enabling the owner to focus on building the clientele and developing new markets, firstly new product ranges then expand geographically.


1 Opportunity to participate in a profitable B2B business with high barriers

2 Alcohol is resilient in all economic conditions

3 Experienced team with strong industry relationships

4 Secure Liquor Licences

5 Well resourced infrastructure able to expand immediately


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Business Location Victoria, Australia

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