SG-based end-to-end IT MSP - Nurtured and Grown for 12 Years


Australia 2000 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

44 3082
11 months ago


  • Singapore-founded multi award winning IT managed services company
  • Providing a wide product range from cloud computing to software development
  • Operations span across five countries with 450 employees to date
  • Immense future growth opportunities awaiting for an investor to capitalise on

Asking Price: $24,000,000
Base EBITDA: $3,900,000

An exciting opportunity to own a global tech solutions company that provides services across software development, IT security, UX design, cloud computing and outsource maintenance. 

Founded in 2009, the company prioritises innovation and supporting clients, with immense success across Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and the USA. 

Eager buyers will be able to capitalise on the company’s current success and seize future growth opportunities within the booming tech solution industry. 


Diverse range of services. The large range of IT services widens the target customer group, where the company can support various organisations and tech issues.

Innovative solutions. Innovation and thinking outside the box is at the core of the company, providing services that are as unique as their clients. 

Global reach. The company is well established internationally with offices operating in all 5 countries. Solid foundation in place to scale further. 

Strong demand and reliable client base. IT solutions and software is a rapidly growing industry and with recent transitions towards remote work, the services will have strong demand and a consistent client base. 

Future Growth Opportunities. Company is in an opportune position to grow even further given the high profit, innovation and strong market growth. 

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