Special Economic Zone Development in Antigua and Barbuda


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  •  Special Economic Zone Development in Antigua and Barbuda


An extremely unique opportunity to develop a project on 800 acres of land (no liens or encumbrances) located on a governmental approved Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Antigua and Barbuda.

Appraisal value of land: > $500 million

Note: The entirety of the SEZ is 1609 acres, meaning that Project Chrysalis owns and has the right to develop on 49.7% of the SEZ.

Project Chrysalis is a two-stage plan to develop our property within the SEZ

  1.  Securing a $15 million Bridge / Mezz loan to determine best use of our 800 acres and initiate revenue production within three to six months after funding
  2.  Seeking a second-round funding for the development of the overall project that may include purchasing or working in a joint venture the 809 acres of the other group.

It is intended that the property be used to develop a multi-use residential, commercial, and industrial self-supporting centre with its own sustainable power, water treatment, osmosis and supply plants.

The developmental plan will work out over a five-to-ten-year period with the intention to further develop five-star hospitality, resorts and casino operations as well as a high-rise development that is excluded from most Caribbean building plans.

Stellar management team. The team is spearheaded by US-based ambitious and well-seasoned entrepreneurs who are highly connected within the US and Carribean.

Lucrative opportunity. Revenues are projected to exceed $ 225 Million USD and average more than $80 Million USD after three years of operation.

Ground-breaking and transformational project. The project will create over 1500 jobs when complete in hospitality and maintenance with an added impact of increasing tourism to the island. The SEZ authority will induce commercial and industrial investment and development that will employ thousands more across the island.

Funding proposal: USD $15 million Bridge / Mezz (collateralised by the property)

Two Year Term but the company is expected to pay it off within the first year based on several probable occurrences.

1.  Several Developer teams are considering Joint Venture investment in excess of $ 50 Million USD and any funds secured would take out the bridge completely at closing

2.  Two strictly lending groups are negotiating now for developmental loans in excess of $100 Million USD and any funds secured would take out the bridge completely at closing

3.  We are initiating sales of individual residential lots and all sales would go to retire the Bridge Loan before any money was used by Chrysalis. Based on preliminary interest and a strong international marketing team we are negotiating with; we expect sales revenues more than $ 60 Million USD in the first two years.

4.  Chrysalis expects to license casino, bank and cryptocurrency development and earn lease and licensing fees more than $ 20 Million in the first two years.

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