Government-backed Online Education Business For Sale with Extensive Scale Options


Australia 2000 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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11 months ago


  • High gross margins circa 80% before marketing costs
  • Many angles to expand and scale up if desired
  • Well-systemised operation
  • Minimum fixed overheads
  • 100% of sales are transacted online
  • Strong cash flow to provide new owner with immediate kickback


Asking Price: $1,080,000
Revenue: $1,400,000
EBITDA: $451,889

Business was birthed in late 2020 as a part-time venture by the two current vendors when nothing alike existed in the marketspace and they’ve since grown significantly in a short space of time to achieve a turnover exceeding $1,400,000 in sales per annum. The flagship and best-selling product is an array of wonderfully presented imprints for early Primary School age use. Complementary to these artistic collections include ranges of artistically decorated lanyards and stationery.

On top of the client base and operating material, this acquisition comes with the following additions:
- relationship with all those Australian artists that have collaborated with the company to assist with artwork and design of their products
- established supply chain in China where everything is manufactured to order
- US$50,000 value IP of the technology used to manufacture high quality imprint models which lasts over 20 times longer than its traditional cheaper counterparts

A perfect opportunity for you if you are willing to operate a business in the education or online space part-time or full-time. This is also a suitable acquisition for those currently managing an existing business already operating in the educational product space.

Brand mission and reputation currently displaying is to specially “connect, empower and grow young resilient minds of our future generations” which has done well for the company in terms of receiving outstanding feedback and reviews for their products on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Such success has resulted in the achievement of a database asset of 55,000 email addresses and 130,000 social media connections across all their platforms.
The two existing owners contribute to the running and advancement of the company in two distinct ways: 1) owner “A” develops creative concepts and conducts market research for product development, and 2) owner “B” focuses on brand development, social media marketing and web design. Both at present spend 10-15 hours per week working in the business. There are no other employees.
Customer base is made of teachers and schools, where teachers would order 8-16 items at a time and schools at a 50-100 order size respectively.
210 SKU range on the variation of imprints available for purchase, with markups of around 800%. Customers are encouraged to buy bundles of designs by the same artist in the same fashion any business would market their product ranges as “collectables” to create repeat customers who eventually want to own them all.
What sets this deal apart from its competitors is the extensive precise research the owners have invested with unravelling all teacher’s needs and upon feedback has infused all of it in their product development.
This company runs with minimal overheads while maintaining high margins, with unlimited growth potential both in Australia and larger overseas markets.
Business is currently run from the vendor's home office and storage space. However according to business development forecasts in 2023 there will be a requirement to stockpile in its own industrial unit with offices to operate from.
Vendors will provide adequate training as necessary to help the acquirer learn the day-to-day running of the company, and following this, make themselves available on a consultancy basis particularly to assist with aspects relating to growing the business.
Market Growth.
Education of primary children is a large industry with a lot of government supported funding a founding partner can tap into. On top of this, the choice to scale this business by adding additional product lines for schools and teachers is numerous.

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